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    Welcome to the Goldin U Athletics Club, open to Youth, Open and Masters Athletes! To join, update your membership or join USATF using Club Code: 05-0414 while signing up. GUAC membership will help you reach your athletic and lifestyle goals. We offer a range of membership opportunities:

    - 30% discount to online store

    - Community

      • Team support
      • Social Media Group
      • Events
      • Networking opportunities
    - Competition
      • Compete as club athlete
      • Discounted competition fees (with large group attendance)

    Like to train on your own?

    GU Virtual Training – Try our dynamic, online training program for any fitness and athletics goal. With this program you can move at your own pace, and one-on-one e-coaching allows for easy feedback from your coach on anything from nutrition to injury prevention.

    • Downloadable app
    • Programmed Training Plans
    • Exercise and drill descriptions with video
    • Check out our online On Demand programs.

    Want to train with friends?

    GU Group Sessions – Looking for a group workout setting? This program offers weekly speed, power, and beginner sessions led by our team of GU coaches.

    Need more assistance?

    Private Sessions - A personal coach can be instrumental in guiding you to becoming a stronger, faster, and more confident athlete. 

    Once you sign up, the GU Coaching Staff will reach out to you about your athletic history, current training, past injuries and goals. Please allow for one business day for them to reach out to you.

    During each meeting, your coach will guide you toward hitting your personal athletic goals. Along the way, you'll learn tips on how to improve recovery, eat right, and more. Each meeting will last approximately an hour.

    For more information about coaching opportunities, please reach out to