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    New York Road Runners has partnered with fitness studios and companies across NYC to offer fun, hands-on running and fitness classes, taught by experts in convenient NYC locations, to help you meet your running goals and take a holistic look at your health and training. Check out the studios and companies we’ve partnered with to offer our community a special or discounted experience.

    Visit the NYRR RUNCENTER featuring the NB Run Hub page to view a calendar list of additional fitness classes being offered at the NYRR RUNCENTER.


    NYRR Group Training

    Welcome to NYRR Group Training, with sessions for runners in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

    Geared toward runners of all levels, from newcomers to experienced competitive racers, the workouts offer camaraderie, coaching, and the inspiration that comes from running with others. Whether your goal is to become a runner, to run your first race, or to set a personal best, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere that encourages you to pursue your goals and have fun.

    NYRR Deep Water RunningTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    Looking for a vigorous, non-impact aerobic workout? NYRR's Deep Water Running program includes speed work, interval training, and simulated hill repeats. You'll wear a flotation belt to help you run—not swim—in deep water. It's a great way to do non-impact training, or to stay fit if you're injured.

    NYRR Yoga for Runners

    In partnership with Pure Yoga, NYRR Yoga for Runners is a five-week program aimed at improving athletic performance and preventing injury. As runners train and prepare for upcoming races, they’ll learn how to use yoga techniques to build strength, prevent joint injuries, improve breathing, and master mental focus. Classes are open to all skill levels, allowing runners to learn yoga basics or build upon the skills they already have.

    Treadmill Running with NYRR and Mile High Run Club

    Want an indoor workout option that’ll also help you add speed to your training? We’ve teamed up with Mile High Run Club to offer discounted treadmill running classes that’ll provide you a break from the elements and help you train your best year-round. Designed for all skill levels, these fun 30-, 45-, and 60-minute classes mix it up with speed, tempo, and hills.